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Anonymous: I just looked @ ur ig and wtf.... UR SO PRETTY!! Howwwwowoeow???? ;____;

????? wow????? thank you so much deerie!! ;o; <3.14159 i think it might be the filter or the angle, im pretty average i swear!!!!

Eargasmic EXO(ノಠ益ಠ)ノ by a compilation


1. Chanyeol | Love, love, love (acoustic ver.)

2. Baekhyun | Christmas Day

3. Chanyeol | XOXO (his VOICE is deeper than the sea okay)

4. Tao | Run

5. Kris | Love, love, love

6. Chen | What is Love

7. Kai | Two Moons (the way he says ‘miracle’ asdfghjkl)

8. Sehun/Thehun | Two Moons (the lisp omfg XD)

9. Chen | Dubstep Intro

10. Kai | Overdose

11. Chen | Angel

12. Chen | My Lady

13. Chanyeol | I Like You

14. D.O. & Chanyeol | Officially Missing You

15. best for last

p.s. I may be a bit biased towards Chen and Chanyeol’s voices

jongin’s embarrassed laugh ft. his fluffy vibrating hair ;u;

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Jinhwan & Donghyuk's freestyle dance

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you have been warned.

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Anonymous: What r u talking about ?? ur beautiful

i think of myself as average, even lower and it’s just super difficult bringing myself up a lot of the time T^T i may not act like it in person since i try to be lively and i tend to joke around a lot, but im always so down and when i hear compliments. i feel like people are just joking around or mocking me when it’s probably not the case ((hopefully)) T^T thank you though nony! 


simple & sure

by gq korea

bae material

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Seunghoon’s freestyle to Gee.

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