I want to fill my throat with you.
My entire body is trembling
but no matter how much more I drink it will never be enough.
The poison has already spread from my head to my toes
but I don’t try to fight it.
Enjoy this kind of stimulation
so happy I can’t stop.

kris’ rap part in overdose.

I think it’s precious when luhan sticks his tongue out after all the sexy waves he does ;u;

Lay’s reaction when Luhan did his sexy dance.

Exo Stardium (༎ຶ௰༎ຶ)

Flower Boy!



I’m not exactly sure when my love for you developed, but now that it has blossomed, there is never a day where I can’t help but to smile because I know that someone like you is alive and existing in this world. There is so much I want to say about you, but I’ll try to make this short; “I love you” is something that can’t suffice to how much I really feel for you, it’s much more than that. You’ve motivated me, you’ve inspired me, you’ve given me happiness, you’ve given me sadness, you’ve been someone I can escape to when I’m dealing with endless amounts of struggle in my life, you’ve given me reason to live life with a smile on my face, and believe it or not, you’ve given me a reason to keep on living. You’ve given me so much and yet, no matter how much love and support I give you as a fan, it can never amount to what you did for me without you even knowing… so thank you. Thank you for being alive and giving me life. It has been 24 years since the day you were brought into this world, and yet your personality, appearance, and evERYTHING scream that it can’t be that long already but, I guess time really flies ;^; You still act like such a baby, when you should be acting a bit more mature to match your age but, don’t change!! I love you just the way your are! I love the way your eyes crinkle up when you smile, how uncontrollable your facial expressions are, how childish you can be a lot of the time, your shy nature, those deer-like eyes, your lashes that can go on for miles, that soothing, soft voice that never fails to captivate my ears, that smile that brightens my everything, how your face looks girly and manly at the same time, how you always try to maintain your manly appearance but fail miserably at times, the gracefulness in your dancing, the effort you put into making each and every performance better than the last, how perfect your imperfections are to me… this list can go on forever but I’ll end it here huhu

so.. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY DEER!!~ Let’s celebrate another birthday together and hopefully many more in the future! I wish you only the good things in life and for you to continue to live your dream and share your happiness with us!~


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wahh thank you jia ILYSM ;3;

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生日快乐小鹿! 你知道 在90年代 我最喜欢的是事是什么吗? 你的生日 哈哈哈 请你笑。。。Happy Birthday Lu Han~ May you be blessed in health and in wealth! I love you~ (on a side note, please keep praying for the ferry victims #PrayForSouthKorea)

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